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Sep 10, 2016 3:09PM

Hi, I'm Isabel! All my life, I've grown up around and lived with animals. For the first five years of my life, we had dogs. When I was five, we got two cats. As long as I can remember (and have known what a veterinarian was), I've wanted to be a vet. My mom even said that after my first day of kindergarten, she had asked me what I had learned that day. My response?

"Well, they didn't teach me how to be a vet."

So yeah. Being a veterinarian has always been one of my main goals in life. I love animals so much, and want to spend the rest of my life around them and helping them. I currently have two cats and two dogs, and want to be a small animal veterinarian when I grow up. I did the Purdue Jr. Vet Camp last summer (2015), and hope to do the Sr. Vet Camp next year!

At the Jr. Camp, I learned so much! I practiced drawing blood from a stuffed animal, I dissected a pig heart, we all went to the Indy Zoo and got to watch a presentation from the veterinarians there, and more. Each day was something new, and the camp helped me to realize how much I really wanted to become a vet.

This summer, my mom broke her leg. While she was staying at my neighbor's house for two weeks (because it was easier to live there), my little brother and I took care of our dogs and cats without help for two weeks. It was definitely a good learning experience, and I really learned how to take care of an animal on my own.

My family and I plan to start volunteering again at our local humane society, and I want to job shadow with a veterinarian.

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September 30 - 12:09pm

i feel the same way

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