Taking Care of My Family

Jun 23, 2017 10:06AM

"I want to become a veterinarian, because as I love animals, they are my life; so for me, becoming a veterinarian is a way where i can work with patients that I love. … So far, my experience with animals is taking care of my beloved family, which are my 3 dogs, crow, hamster, guinea pig, cat and sheep (Babydoll Southdown). I take care of them by feeding, washing, and drying. In the past I have helped animals, by volunteering at Chase Animal Rescue Sanctuary. While volunteering there, I have helped many animals find loving homes. I also have done research on the science of animals by making most of my projects and topics on animals. To know how to become a veterinarian and what they do, on my weekends I would talk with my friend’s mom who is a veterinarian and ask her what it is like to be a veterinarian, what kind of issues do veterinarians deal with, and how do you become a veterinarian…”

This is an excerpt from story and photograph that were submitted by Annissa from Florida as part of her entry to the 2017 Become a Veterinarian Camp Contest. We were amazed at the passion our entrants had towards animals and all that they were doing to explore their dream of becoming a veterinarian. We wanted to share these powerful stories with everyone.

We hope that this story and all of the stories posted here in the Community section of Vet Set Go help to motivate everyone to continue to explore their dreams. You will become a veterinarian if you just get out there.

Please share on Vet Set Go. Just become a member and then click the “Submit You Story” button here in the Community Section. You can share a quick story, a photograph, or even a video you have on You Tube. Just share!

Dr. Chris

Dr. Chris Carpenter
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