Teething Puppy Troubles!

Jun 5, 2017 2:06PM

Help! My puppy, Lady, is teething, and getting into absolutely everything! Not to mention her biting everyone with those razor sharp puppy teeth. I've looked up solutions online that seem to help sometimes, but I am asking other animal lovers (With perhaps more experience than the web) for advice. Anyone know any tricks that will help with puppy teething??? Any advice is super appreciated!

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June 8 - 02:06pm

take her outside more or give her more toys so she'll chew and bite the toys and not chew your stuff up! - belybelle

June 8 - 02:06pm

Good idea!

June 25 - 06:06am

I have the same problem. Say ow loudly. It will scare lady a bit but it helps.

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