Thank you vet set go! :)

Jun 17, 2022 7:06PM

Thanks vet set go for everything! The courses and books I taked and read have been to helpful! I can’t wait to use the knowledge I have gained for the future and present! I’ve loved animals since I was really younge! they always captured my interest in learning about them and vet set go helped with that! Iv’e done all I can to help my local pet shelters and vet clinics. I so enjoy do fundraisers for the shelters every Christmas! So far I have had two fundraisers for different and local shelters. Using vet set gos course I have reached out to get volunteering hours and can’t wait for when I can. I’m still awaiting my local vet to RSVP back for shadowing but if I do I’ll know just what to do thanks for vet set gos courses in volunteering! I loved learning about the anatomy of animals on VSG beneath the

the skin, scale, and fur! I love entering stories and helping out other vet kids. I’m so happy I found VSG with out it I wouldn’t know all sorts of stuff. VSG is a great outreach for kids and it especially helped me. Thanks so much VSG! I’m ready I’m set let’s go! :) 🐈🐕‍🦺🦮🐈‍⬛🐩🐕🦙🐄🐎🐐🦢🐓🦦🦔!

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Dr. Chris Carpenter
June 17 - 07:06pm

Thank you for the update. Love all that you have done to help shelters in your neighborhood. I am sure you have helped a lot of pets.
And keep looking around in your area for that first volunteering experience. I know you will find a place that lets you work with them. Or maybe this summer there is a zoo or vet camp in your area. Just don't give up.
We have more things coming this summer so stay tuned!!

June 18 - 09:06pm

You welcome! I’m going to horse camp this July! I can’t wait to go I went in spring it was fun and interesting. I learned to ride without stirrups witch was odd but fun it helped me learn balance. We all learned the anatomy of horses and helped clean up there stalls. It was fun and I can’t wait. Next year I’m thinking about going to Reid park zoo for camp. 🐴🐎

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