The 2018 Become a Veterinarian Camp Contest

Mar 27, 2018 11:03AM

Its back!!   The wildly successful Become a Veterinarian Camp Contest is back again for 2018.   Are you a tween or teen who dreams of becoming a veterinarian and wants to get experience this summer?   Then see if you qualify to enter this years contest sponsored by Royal Canin.

Vet Set Go is offering three scholarships for future veterinarians in middle school to attend this summer’s Auburn University’s Junior VET Camp.

Vet Set Go is offering three scholarships for future veterinarians in middle school to attend this summer’s Auburn University’s Junior VET Camp. Starting, today, April 2nd, all aspiring veterinarians need to do is partner with their parents to share their story and give us a photo.   Entry Form

Veterinary camps didn’t exist when I was a future veterinarian.  They are amazing programs that a small number of veterinary schools in North America provide for younger students.  While they vary slightly from school to school, campers typically spend 5 days exploring veterinary medicine and getting hands on experience with animals.  In fact, campers often do things that I didn’t do until I was in veterinary school – like gowning and gloving for surgery.   They are truly a future vet’s heaven. 

Over the course of its 125-year history, the Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine has produced more than 6,400 veterinarians and more than 500 specialists and researchers. The Auburn Junior VET Camp, is one of the most prestigious in North America.   Middle school students who wish to become veterinarians are able to learn about public health, food animals, wildlife, anatomy, imaging, and first aid, as well as gain valuable mentoring about veterinary science careers.   
So what are you waiting for?  Get out there and partner with your parents to enter our contest today.  Official Rules

Explore your dream of becoming a veterinarian!

Dr. Chris

Dr. Chris Carpenter
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April 15 - 12:04pm

I am really excited about this opportunity since I didn't know if you were going to offer it again. I hope you can offer it every year.

Dr. Chris Carpenter
May 2 - 08:05am

We are so excited to be offering this contest again. This wouldn't be possible without the support of Royal Canin and Auburn College of Veterinary Medicine.

May 21 - 06:05pm

I can’t wait to find out the results of the contest!!! What s great birthday present that would be for my daughter to receive the scholarship!!!!

May 23 - 07:05pm

Where is this camp located? It sounds like an amazing learning experience, and I would love to join it!!

June 1 - 05:06pm

Oops! Not a camp! Totally misunderstood.

June 1 - 05:06pm

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