The 2018 Grand Prize Winners

May 29, 2018 6:05PM

We had hundreds of entries in this year’s Become a Veterinarian Contest and I personally read every one of them. The stories shared and the photographs submitted were simply powerful. The love of animals the entrants expressed was simply inspiring. In fact, from what I read, many future veterinarians have already had a big impact on the lives of animals in their communities – long before they will put on the white coat of a doctor.

To everyone who entered this contest, I thank you for the love, care, and volunteer hours you have given to animals. You have already had a positive impact. I truly wish we could hold camps all summer for everyone who entered - but we can’t.

Royal Canin has been extremely generous to all of us over the past two years and Vet Set Go thanks them for making dreams come for the three lucky winners this year. We would like to congratulate the following three Grand Prize winners of the 2018 Become a Veterinarian contest.

Harlee Winner
Sarah Winner
Luke Winner
- Harlee from Pisgah, Alabama
- Sarah from Jupiter, Florida
- Luke from Cumming, Georgia

These three future veterinarians shared their love of animals, volunteer experience, and their interest in and exploration of science. We hope that this trip to the Auburn College of Veterinary Medicine allows them to follow their dream even further.

For all the other entrants in this year’s contest, I have one very important message. If you hope to become a veterinarian, one of the most important traits you need to have is determination. Not winning this contest may be a disappointment but it shouldn't stop you from continuing down the path towards your dream.

I experienced many set backs in my journey to become a veterinarian. In fact, I wasn’t even accepted to veterinary school the first time I applied. Still, I never gave up. Stay on your path to veterinary school and share with everyone at Vet Set Go the inspirational experiences you have on your journey.

Thanks to all who entered and shared their stories and to Royal Canin whose support made this all possible.

Dr. Chris

Dr. Chris Carpenter
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