The 2022 Become a Vet Camp Contest Winners

Apr 13, 2022 12:04PM

We would like to congratulate the following three Grand Prize winners of the 2022 Become a Veterinarian Camp contest. These Contestants will be attending Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine’s Junior Vet Camp this June.

  • Kaylee from Cave Spring, Georgia
  • Leila from Mansfield, Texas
  • Harper from Dunkirk, Maryland

These three future veterinarians shared their love of animals, and volunteer experience. They also told us of their interest in, and exploration of, science. We hope that the Auburn College of Veterinary Medicine Jr. Vet Camp program takes them one step closer to their dream.

To everyone who entered this contest, thank you for sharing your story with us. Please stay connected to us and let us help you continue following your dream of becoming a veterinarian. By far, the best way to get animal and veterinary experience is in your hometown. This summer we will be launching a vet volunteer app to help future vets just like you find volunteer opportunities close to home. It will also help you log your hours each time you volunteer and track your progress for veterinary school.

Also, we are also launching our anatomy on-line course this summer. Anatomy is the foundational subject for any veterinarian. It is the subject every veterinarian will build the rest of their expertise upon. Once a student understands the basic anatomy of animals, their ability to explore other sciences and diagnose illnesses in animals increases exponentially. Why not explore anatomy now? Our new course will be based off our wildly popular animal anatomy activity book Beneath the Skin, Scale, Fur, and Feather.

We want to thank Merck Animal Health and VCA Animal Hospitals for all their support of future veterinarians. We are so grateful for all they have done this year to help aspiring veterinarians explore their dream.

Dr. Chris

Dr. Chris Carpenter
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April 18 - 05:04pm

I am so excited! I was practically screaming about the vet volunteer app I was just wondering how I should keep track of my hours when I do get started
and the anatomy is super exciting too! I was just thinking you should have a youtube channel you could show us different things like how you put in an iv you could give us more tips too.
congratulations to all who one the contest!

May 18 - 07:05pm

wow! congrats winners! have a great time learning! good luck! #VSG

May 18 - 07:05pm

PS adorable horse, guinea pig, and cats!

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