The Become a Veterinarian Camp Contest 2017

Mar 29, 2017 2:03PM

Are you a tween or teen who dreams of becoming a veterinarian? Then you are the reason I created Vet Set Go!

I know the barriers you face. You want animal experience but most organizations won’t let you volunteer until you are older. You also would love to see what an animal doctor does but so many hospitals have policies that only allow older teens to shadow the veterinarian. You’re beginning to discover that there are a lot of age barriers to exploring your dream of becoming a veterinarian.

Well, I have some great news for you!

Vet Set Go has partnered with our sponsor Royal Canin to offer three scholarships for future veterinarians in middle school to attend this summer’s Auburn University’s Junior VET Camp. All aspiring veterinarians need to do is partner with their parents to share their story and a photo using our official entry form on the contest web page.

Veterinary camps didn’t exist when I was a future veterinarian. They are amazing programs that a small number of veterinary schools in North America provide for younger students. While they vary slightly from school to school, campers typically spend 5 days exploring veterinary medicine and getting hands on experience with animals. In fact, campers often do things that I didn’t do until I was in veterinary school – like gowning and gloving for surgery. They are truly a future vet’s heaven.

The Auburn University Junior VET Camp, is one of the most prestigious in North America.

Over the course of its 125-year history, the Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine has produced more than 6,400 veterinarians and more than 500 specialists and researchers. The Auburn University Junior VET Camp, is one of the most prestigious in North America. Middle school students who wish to become veterinarians are able to learn about public health, food animals, wildlife, anatomy, imaging, and first aid, as well as gain valuable mentoring about veterinary science careers.

As a company that believes veterinarians are at the core of making the world a better place for cats and dogs, Royal Canin is proud to partner with Vet Set Go and encourage future veterinarians across the country to make their dreams come true!

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and start exploring your dream today. Get with a parent and enter our contest now!

See the OFFICIAL RULES for the Become a Veterinarian Camp Contest 2017.

Have questions? See if we answered them here.

Dr. Chris

Dr. Chris Carpenter
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March 30 - 04:03am

Hi Dr Chris,
I have one question, does this offer include the travel fees, boarding, food, ect

March 30 - 04:03am


Dr. Chris Carpenter
March 30 - 10:03am

Hi. Tuition, boarding and food is included. Travel is not. You will see all of the details next week. Stay tuned!!!

March 31 - 02:03am

OK, thank you Dr Chris.... My name is Rianna by the way

April 12 - 03:04pm

Good morning, Dr. Chris! My son and I submitted an entry to the 2017 contest, but did not receive an email confirmation. Is there a way we can confirm his submission was successful? Thank you!

Dr. Chris Carpenter
April 13 - 02:04pm

Please reach out to us at [email protected] and give us the email of the entry and we will check on this for you. A page should have come up that said the submission went through successfully.

May 12 - 03:05am

Good evening Dr. Chris,

I am emailing to check on an entry that was submitted on May 4 for my daughter. We submitted the form twice because we never received an email confirmation. We are just checking now to make sure everything went through ok. I also sent an email to the support email mentioned above but never received a response. Any clarification you can provide is greatly appreciated.

September 23 - 10:09pm

Is there any info concerning the 2018 Camp

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