The Incredible Doctor Pol, the worlds best vet!

Mar 27, 2016 2:03PM

I'm 14 years old and have known I have wanted to be a vet since i was really young..... probably around 6 or 7. I have always loved animals and when i was 3-4 I was never interested in tv shows for kids, i watched documentaries on Lions fighting over territory and females. I enjoy all animals from creepy crawlies like spiders and mice to gentles giants like cows and horses. My favorite show ever is the Incredible Doctor Pol, if you aren't familiar with it and dream of being a vet like me, i suggest checking it out :). About 3 years ago I had a project for school and of course...... I made it HAVE to do something with animals. So I decided to do it on who other then Doc. Pol. I wrote him a letter explaining how I chose him to do my report on because he was my hero. For all that are familiar with the 4-H/ Tropicana Speech, i wrote a speech on him being my hero and won second place. It took a whole year but, HE ACTUALLY WROTE BACK!

He explained how he was flattered that of all people i chose him, that he was happy to know that i was so young and already had the ream of being a vet and lastly he was sorry it took so long to reply. It was spring time and of course there are always going to be baby emergencies in spring. He was super busy. He also gave me an autograph enclosed in the envelope.

That was the very best day of my life, i still enjoy reading the letter every once and a while and showing my friends. of course my dream is to be a vet, i want to specialize in large and small animal practicing.

If your animal crazy like me and know of Doc Pol like and go follow me on insta,


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Dr. Chris Carpenter
March 27 - 03:03pm

Thanks for sharing. I have never met Dr. Pol. What I can tell you is that most veterinarians are just as nice as Dr. Pol and anxious to share our profession with future vets like you. We are our connected by our love of animals. Thanks again.

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