(UPDATES) My vet plan

Sep 2, 2019 11:09AM

Hello! I'm Lucie. I have made 2 other vet stories, a year ago, and then one a almost two years ago. Please forget about those. (I forgot my account email too, and password, so yeah.)

Anyways, I love horses. I take horseback riding lessons. I am getting a horse soon, but we just moved and I just got enrolled at a new school, so it might be awhile. This summer I got to go on a tour of The Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary in South Dakota. It was amazing! I hope in the future I can sponsor a horse there.

I want to be a equine veterinarian, and working on small mammals too. My parents are split, but I'll tell you all my pets total. So at my dads I have two dogs and a rescue cat we got this summer named Lucky! He's funny and crazy. The dogs are Honey, a rescue we got a few years ago, she's 11 and a French Bulldog. Then we have Flower, a black Labrador, whos 4 and has no sad back story. At my moms we have two dogs, who aren't rescues, named Maebelle (Basset Hound, 2) and Daphne (Yellow Labrador, 5) and a bearded dragon named Freddie, whos almost a year old, and my precious baby girls, Felisha and Pepper, two amazing bunnies, who are 7 months old.

So, in a few weeks, I'm getting my precious baby girls spayed. (They both currently have fleas, from being outside this summer, but there going inside in there playpens.) And I get some experience with giving them medicine, making sure there eating, and keeping there cage extra, extra, extra clean. And tomorrow I get to brush out a bunch of fleas or mites, and give them medicine, and get bite by the mites. This will help a lot with my experience.

If you have got a small mammal spayed, please give me some tips! I'm really worried, so if you could, that would help a lot!


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