Vet Set Go! Book Review

Aug 28, 2017 9:08PM

The Vet Set Go Book is a great, easy to read guide on how to become a veterinarian. It is overflowing with ideas and steps of action that can be taken today, right at home! My favorite chapter in this guide would be Chapter 5: Stay Local. To me, staying local is very important for I believe it is what gets you going. You can start by pet sitting for neighbors or by caring your own animals. Down the road, you may have your own doggy daycare that your whole town brings their animals too! You have to start somewhere. I love how this guide gives different examples from different kids and their veterinary/animal experiences. It really shows how diverse veterinary medicine can be! Since reading this guide, I have been shadowing a lot more at my local vet clinic. I also hope to watch family pets and pet sit for friends to more explore my dream of becoming a veterinarian.

Great book for the future veterinarian in your family.

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