Vet Set Go! Review

Sep 4, 2017 11:09PM

Hi, my name is Violet and I live in Virginia. I read Vet Set Go! and am really excited to tell you about it. I am 12 years old and am in the 7th grade. I have wanted to become a veterinarian since I was 7 years old. Taking care of animals is my passion and calling. I have a golden retriever named Moses, a Cockatiel named Nigel, and a beta fish named Silver. My family and I recently lost one of our young dogs to a tragic accident, and her death motivates me to help dogs from suffering the same fate.

I really enjoyed reading Vet Set Go! because it was able to talk to aspiring vets like me to better help me prepare for my dream career. I learned about shadowing a vet and walking in their foot steps for a day. I also learned that there are veterinarian camps around the U.S. I am hoping that next summer I will be able to attend one of the vet camps. It also gave helpful ideas on how to volunteer in local shelters and possible foster animals.

I have never read a book like this one. I found it to be helpful in how to go about finding local ways to help animals, even for kids my age. I recommend this book for anyone who has the calling to help animals and possibly become a veterinarian some day.



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