Volunteering in a Vet Clinic

Jul 5, 2021 2:07PM

I had the best experience when I went to a vet clinic with a family member and spent the day helping animals! In this particular picture, I was helping out with a veterinarian giving a dog dental work. It was a neat experience and I loved every second of it! I saw some very cool animals that were injured but were able to get better and I loved seeing each and every one of then get better and sent back to their homes! The vet I went to was called A Caring Vet Clinic located in Lindon UT. It really was a really great time!

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July 5 - 09:07pm

I hope i can volunteer at a vet clinic soon but i am not sure if anyone near me will except a 14 year old

August 10 - 07:08pm

me to I wish I could volunteer but same problem no 10 year old's aloud!

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