Volunteering with Mountain Pet Rescue

Jun 28, 2019 9:06PM

My family fosters with Mountain Pet Rescue, a foster-based animal rescue based in Grand County Colorado. When they contact us about a dog or a group of dogs that need to be fostered, we offer up our house and take care of the dog(s) until they are adopted. We can have the dogs from as little as 5 hours to 2 weeks. We have two dogs of our own, as well as three cats, and we help dogs and puppies get adjusted to other dogs, animals, and people, as well as give them the experiences that a shelter would not have been able to provide them with. We've fostered up to 5 puppies at a time and sometimes it gets hectic! For vet purposes, it gives you more of an insight to the mental and physical development of dogs as well as solutions to common problems faced by stray dogs! Plus, they sometimes fly the dogs in by plane, and they let us go onto the runway and pick up our pups! (Picture is with one of my foster dogs named Tessa, and we were watching the Avengers).

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