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Jul 22, 2016 1:07PM

Hey my name is Harmony and I have always wanted to be a vet and hopefully I will learn from everybody's stories. I've always loved to play with animals and take care of them when I become a vet I will enjoy all the little lives that I give birth to and enjoy the faces of kids getting their dog back healthy and happier than ever. I have experienced death of my dog she had came down with kidney failure and on Valentines me and my dad had to go to the vet and put her down but now I believe that she is in a better place and not hurting anymore. Ever since I got my cat Comet she has been a blessing to me and about 6 months after I got her she was pregnant and she went into labor laying down beside me in the swing and then that waswhen she had her three beautiful kittens Astrid Nova and Orion and they fill my heart with joy well I guess that's all for tonight

~ Harmony

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November 28 - 03:11pm

The Feeling you Get when you see an animal you've saved........

It's the best feeling in the world

Don't get me wrong I'm not certified but still.

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