Why I want to change the lives of animals ?

Jul 19, 2018 4:07AM

Hi!!! My name is Naomi I’m currently enrolled at a technical high school close to my town. I am studying Companion Animals and I absolutely love it. I am telling you my story because I feel like people should know why I want to be a vet. Statistics say that by the year 2026 the percentage of vets is to rise 16 percent and I want to help with that. The main reason for me wanting to become a vet is to help animals in need and that’s is probably everyone main reason. I also have a high tolerance for animal cruelty the video I linked just touched my heart I literally teared up watching it. Just thinking about how animals get treated makes me want to cry. I’m hoping by the end of my high school career I have made enough money to impact animal cruelty in a positive way. I’m in the works of figuring out how to make an organization where people can donate money to help animal cruelty. When I become a vet I will be doing something I love but most importantly something for the society. Helping and caring for animals is a huge passion of mine and I hope more people will join this career path as I will.

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