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Jun 27, 2016 6:06AM

This summer I've had the opportunity to work for a family friend at their office. It started at the beginning of Freshmen year, when I started shadowing. Mostly I would follow people around and learn as much as I could. I got to see dentals, surgeries, and all kinds of exams. Eventually, being the farm girl I am, I couldn't help but help out and clean up where I could. The office usually gets pretty crazy and when that happens no one has time to clean up or do weekly checklists, so I was offered a job for the summer. Basically what I do is help take out trash or clean up after messy dentals and try and complete the never ending checklists and laundry piles. It doesn't sound very glamorous, but I've learned so much I'd do it all for free. Doing laundry and cleaning up cages for most of the day wouldn't be ideal, except I know that for every dirty blanket and messy cage that means another dog or cat and their unique case that I have the chance to observe. After started right after I turned 15, I've learned more than you can from any textbook. I've learned how to wrap surgery packs, prep and give vaccines, draw blood and so much more. I grew up with horses so I've always wanted to be an equine or large animal vet, but in working at the office I've started thinking about mixed practice. I was even introduced to the US Army Vet Corp through one of my bosses. I had no idea they even existed until we were talking about my plan for vet school one day and she brought it up! I did some research and it could be a really amazing opportunity. I'm so glad I started working there because I'm confident that it's the first step in my career and has given more experience than I could have ever asked for. I'l never forget the first two things they told me one my first day shadowing, "breath through your mouth and keep your mouth closed!"

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January 3 - 01:01am

I would absolutely LOVE to shadow any of our vets around here but due to recent law changes in the practice, anyone under the age of 18 is no longer allowed to shadow. The practice itself has been deemed "Dangerous" or "Hazardous". (Informed by a family friend that own a small animal vet clinic)

Dr. Chris Carpenter
January 18 - 03:01pm

There are lots of veterinarians who will let you shadow them. Don't give up. check our Activity section to find veterinarians near you!!!

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