Would You Like a Free Book for the Summer?

Mar 31, 2016 8:03AM

The free book offer continues and it has been wildly successful. Yesterday we broke all records for story submissions.


 If you want to submit your story to Vet Set Go, here are some very important things you should know before you start typing:

1. We will pick the best of our posted stories each the week and send books to the authors. Sorry, we can no longer send a book to everyone whose story is posted. So if you are future veterinarian, please, take your time and make your story a good one. We are still sending out lots of books each week and you can get a free copy! Just put some good effort into it.

2. The Vet Set Go book and website were written for tweens and teens who want to be veterinarians. Younger children (5 -8 years of age) and parents are NOT eligible for this book offer! Parents and grandparents, please have your tween or teen write their own story.

What makes a great story? Tell us why you want to become a veterinarian. Share what you are doing today to explore your dream of becoming an animal doctor. Do you take care of you own pets? Do you help animals in other ways? Let us know!

So how do you begin? It’s really simple to share your story on Vet Set Go. Just become a member and then click the “Submit You Story” button here in the Community Section. You can share a quick story, a photograph, or even a video you have on You Tube. Just share!

Thanks for making this offer so successful and keep sharing!

Dr. Chris

Dr. Chris Carpenter
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March 31 - 12:03pm

Hi! My name is kelli. I have dreamed of becoming a veterinarian since i was a teenager. I have a way with animals, show no fear around them, and trust them. I am very passionate about not only helping animals but making sure they are well taken care of and in good homes. Animals can be a member of the family and should be treated as. This book intrigues me to read it And possibly start pursuing my dream! Thanks for the chance to win.

April 1 - 02:04pm

Hi my name is Erin, I have dreamed of becoming a vet for a long time. I eagerly spend time with animals, and have a pet budgie that I have tamed. This book sounds like the perfect one for me, thank you for the opportunity to win

April 1 - 02:04pm

Hi my name is Erin, I have dreamed of becoming a vet for a long time, I eagerly spend time with animals, every chance I get, I have a pet budgie that I have tamed. This book sounds perfect for me, as I pursure my drwam of becoming a vet. I have included a video that I made with my Mom and brother about the recovery of a budgie that had both legs broken, just the first 10 days. Happy to say little wigget is pretty much fully healed, still has a limp, but is very affectionate, please enjoy

Dr. Chris Carpenter
April 1 - 04:04pm

Remember. To submit a story, you have to press the Submit Your Story button. This is the comment section. Thanks!!

April 9 - 08:04pm

How do I submit a story ?

Dr. Chris Carpenter
April 11 - 08:04am

Go to the community section and right below the photograph at the top of the page, you will see a button that says "Submit Your Story". Hope this helps!

April 17 - 10:04pm

This comment is waiting for approval.

February 24 - 01:02pm

Did This offer expire?

March 15 - 08:03pm

hi Dr Carpenter, I have a Q&A what is your opinion on HOMEUPATHIC medicine? ( sorry if I spelled it wrong)

Dr. Chris Carpenter
March 17 - 09:03am

This offer has expired but watch for something even bigger soon!!!

March 17 - 05:03pm

Ok thanks... but could you still give me your opinion?

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