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A Three Minute Tour of Veterinary Camp

Take this three-minute video tour of veterinary camp. If you want to become a veterinarian, veterinary camps are something you should be exploring right now. They are the best way to learn about the veterinary profession and what it is like to attend veterinary college. You’ll also get some fantastic hands-on animal experience and learn how fun the science of animals can be.

For a detailed article on the Auburn Junior Veterinary camp featured in this video read “Attending the Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine Junior Vet Camp”. To read about other camps, try “Attending the Dr. Tim Ogilvie AVC Vet Camp”

Also, remember to search for camps on the Vet Set Go Activity Section.

Written by: Dr. Chris Carpenter
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June 9 - 03:06pm

This sounds like a really cool camp I really want to come.

Dr. Chris Carpenter
June 9 - 03:06pm

Here is a link to their camp:

August 12 - 10:08pm

oh wow that looks amazing I wish I could go but I don't live any were near there

June 5 - 09:06pm

I am SO excited to apply to this next year! It has been my dream to be a veterinarian since I was 5! I was inspired by Dr. K to specialize as an avian and exotic vet when I grow up! :) :) :)

Dr. Chris Carpenter
June 6 - 12:06pm

Look forward to seeing your entry next year. Try shadowing at your neighborhood veterinary hospital this summer!

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