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Attending the Dr. Tim Ogilvie AVC Vet Camp

​Do you want to be a veterinarian? Are you asking yourself “Is there anything I can do now to make sure I become a veterinarian when I get older?” If so, this series of articles is for you. We created the “How to Become a Veterinarian” section of Vet Set Go to share activities that you can do today to explore animals and veterinary medicine. This article explores attending the Dr. Tim Ogilvie AVC Vet Camp.

About Veterinary Camps

Veterinary camps are the perfect activity for a future veterinarian. They are one of the few places where aspiring veterinarians can experience all of the activities that I recommend. Campers get lots of hands-on experience with animals, learn from veterinarians, explore the science of veterinary medicine in a fun environment, and meet others who share their passion.

Why Attend Veterinary Camp?

Campers attend a five-day program packed with activities that are specifically designed for aspiring veterinarians. In fact, attendees at the AVC veterinary camp participate in many programs that are typically reserved for veterinary students!

Campers learn surgical techniques, study the blood cells, perform physical exams on beagles, learn about the parasites of animals, learn first-aid for pets and auscultate (listen to) a horses heart using a stethoscope. Best of all, most of the activities occur at the veterinary school around people who share a passion for animals. Veterinarians, AVC faculty, and veterinary student counselors teach the courses at this camp

About the Video

This video above takes you behind the scenes and let’s you watch exactly what happens during the AVC veterinary camp. You’ll see campers as they go through the week listening to a horse’s heart, making bacterial cultures, learning how perform a physical examine a beagle, exploring the anatomy of fish, learning about the parasites of pets, taking dogs through agility courses and just simply enjoying time with other future veterinarians.

You’ll also hear directly from campers and counselors themselves. What animals did they encounter? What was their favorite course? Who attends the camp? What did they do that day?

Want to Learn More?

If you like what you saw and want to learn more about things you can do today to become a veterinarian of tomorrow, check out the Vet Set Go! book in the products section. This book shares ideas like the Dr. Tim Ogilvie Atlantic Veterinary College Veterinary Camp. More importantly, it creates as specific Action Plan on what you need to do right now to find a veterinary camp near you.

Is Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada Too Far Away?

The AVC veterinary camp may be far from your home but don’t worry. More and more veterinary colleges are holding camps for aspiring veterinarians. To find one, just visit the Activities section of Vet Set Go to find a veterinary camp near you. You also be able to see what other future veterinarians are saying about these programs.

Veterinary camps tend to be very popular with future veterinarians and enrollment is limited. You should try to apply as soon as they open up enrollment. Find one that interests you and let them know you’re interested as soon as you can.

Written by: Dr. Chris Carpenter
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February 27 - 01:02pm

How much does this camp cost to attend?

Dr. Chris Carpenter
February 27 - 02:02pm

You can visit their website for dates and pricing.

March 16 - 03:03am

Are there any in Australia?

Dr. Chris Carpenter
March 17 - 12:03pm

I don’t know of any camps held at the Australian veterinary colleges. I keep looking for them but I don’t believe the have them yet.

March 21 - 05:03am

What about Charles Stuart Uni?

June 30 - 06:06pm

There is a camp I really want to go to. Its in Missouri But I live in Ohio and no one in my family has ever gone to camp so I Doubt she will let me go
Any one have any tips on how to ask the camp I want to go to is cub creek science camp Its so awesome!

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