Free Veterinary Career Advice for Future Vets This Holiday!

Dec 14, 2019 12:12AM

This month, I am going to make a good thing even better by providing personal advice for every future veterinarian who takes the Become a Veterinarian Quiz! Just have your aspiring veterinarian take the quiz and I will follow up with my own personal review of the results via the parent’s email. Your future vet then has the opportunity to ask me 3 questions (via the parent email). It’s an opportunity to make sure your future vet is heading off on the right direction.

Your future vet then has the opportunity to ask me questions.

The Vet Set Go Become a Veterinarian Quiz is our one-of-a-kind offering. When your future veterinarian takes this quiz, we evaluate where they are on their journey of becoming a veterinarian. We look at everything from science background to animal experience. Most importantly, we give customized advice on how your aspiring veterinarian should move forward on their way to becoming a veterinarian.

The Become a Veterinarian Quiz is one of our most popular offerings. Hundreds of future veterinarians have taken this quiz. Make sure your future veterinarian starts 2020 out on the right path and buy them the quiz today!

Please see the Terms and Conditions for this free veterinary career advice offer. All communications will be through the parent email. No pet/animal health consultations will be provided as part of this offer.

I am looking forward to helping your future veterinarian explore their dream.

Dr. Chris

Dr. Chris Carpenter
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